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Who WE are

For decades we have been working with health organisations, ‘developing’ them to provide a better service and  more effectively care and treat people for their specific problems and illnesses. 

“However effective these organisations become, they are trying to serve a never-ending and ever-increasing demand“


Born out of a desire to make a positive impact on society, we asked ourselves, how can we use our skills and experience to help reduce this demand, to prevent people becoming ill in first place?


“If there is one thing that will help people live happier and healthier lives for longer, it is regular physical activity” 


As a team, we had each experienced the undisputed benefits of physical activity in our own lives and we knew there were lots of people and organisations already working towards that same aim.


The Activation Project was therefore formed as a not-for-profit company to channel our expertise and experience into the prevention agenda.


To support those organisations who are already working hard to create a better, healthier, happier society.


Funded by forward thinking organisations like Sport England and Sport Wales, we have forged even stronger partnerships within the Sport & Physical Activity and
Health & Wellbeing sectors.


“So far, we have developed and supported hundreds of leaders and teams, creating more effective organisations that are better equipped to create a happier and healthier society across the UK”

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SAFETY FIRST: We believe feeling safe is a fundamental right, so we support every single person with compassion, offering genuine help with human understanding

EVERYONE LEADS: We believe leadership can be found everywhere, in everyone and our role is to seek it out and make it flourish

IT’S GOOD TO SHARE: We believe it’s our duty to unlock the potential in others through sharing our own experience, learning and tools

CREATIVITY IS GROWTH: We believe everyone has an infinite creativity reserve, and through reawakening their creativity we enable them and their organisations to grow

OPTIMISM IS A SUPERPOWER: We believe optimistic people are fundamentally more productive and resilient and more likely to succeed sustainably in life

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