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Welcome to our Living Library. Explore and read through our thoughtfully curated and engaging blogs and case studies. Listen to our podcasts or watch informative videos. We will continually add to this library, so be sure to revisit us soon!

Watch videos on various subjects all linked to leadership. Hear our coaches and coachees express their views on various subjects and addressing various challenges

Introducing the inaugural issue of our Newsletter - Active News!
Read up about our latest Activation Developments, inspiring Success Stories, and upcoming key events on our LinkedIn Calendar!

Read how we provide comprehensive support to organisations, offering individual and team coaching to help them navigate their challenges

Listen to the voices of our coaches and coachees expressing their views on various subjects and addressing various challenges 

Read our blogs on a variety of topics such as Authentic Leadership or our LeaderLine Tools, written by our very own coaches!

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub is an exclusive member-access library that is created to share sources of information with each other, that we have found inspiring and supportive of our development around the subject of change/transformation.

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